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Midlands manufactured PPE removes dependence on imported stock for care homes and NHS

Midlands manufactured PPE removes dependence on imported stock for care homes and NHS

Nottingham-based business, Home Shield Products Ltd, has partnered with UK Mask Force, a charity tasked with donating PPE to those who need it most in a bid to bring much needed PPE to the nation. And now, Home Shield Products Ltd has just completed construction of a new production facility designed to manufacture IIR Surgical 3-ply Face Masks.

Production has now started at the new factory, making it one of a few new mask factories that are emerging across the UK in a move to end the UK’s reliance on imported PPE from the Far and Near East, which is often of dubious quality.

The factory has now received full Certification from Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the government department responsible for regulating all medical supplies for the UK.

In the first half of this year the UK experienced a huge deficit in PPE supply and consequently many front-line health care workers and vulnerable people had to go without. This resulted in many more infections and possibly additional deaths, too.

These new factories are critical to remove the UK’s dependence on imported PPE and to prevent a repeat of the disaster that took place earlier in the year. It was out of this chaos that UK Mask Force was born; a group of like-minded individuals who decided to create a supply line to donate PPE to hospitals and care homes in need across the country.

Thousands of face masks and items of PPE were provided nationwide, and UKMF Trustee, Dr Abraze Khalique discusses the benefits of teaming up with Home Shield. “Partnering with Home Shield Products Ltd to create our own mask factory is going to be a game-changer for both the charity and its ability to help those who need it most,” he says.

Home Shield CEO, Jonathan Noon also explains that the number of masks produced in new Midlands-based factory will continue to increase.

“We will initially produce two million face masks each month, with that number rising to four million by early next year,” he says.

To help in the fight against the current Coronavirus pandemic, UK Mask Force will be donating one mask for every 10 masks that are sold.

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