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Business growth for new agency with major contract win

Business growth for new agency with major contract win

The Inspired Marketing Group (IMG) has won its first major contract, just weeks after launching the concept publicly.

Their new approach has turned heads in the industry and outside of it, with The Business Growth Institute signing up with the team to redefine their brand strategy and increase the uptake of their online courses, which are designed to help businesses grow profitably.

Led by senior marketing professionals Richard Johnson and David Coghlan, IMG helps businesses access high calibre marketing talent when they need it, flexing and changing the tactics and expertise where required.

Shaun Walsh is the founder and CEO of The Business Growth Institute and has been impressed with the model: "Perhaps unusually for a Finance Director I am a complete believer in investing in marketing as an engine for business growth. But the fastest way to lose money is to dabble. IMG don’t dabble. I want people who know what they’re doing and can get results for my business.

"When it comes to implementation, they’ve provided the sort of capability I would only expect to get from a big business marketing function. Having the anchor of a senior marketer in my business who has the temerity to tell me what we’re going to do, and be able to convince me, is awesome."

David Coghlan, who is leading on the account, comments: "This is a great account win for us and testimony to our approach. Shaun is an impressive business owner with deep expertise in growing businesses and of course marketing always comes into that equation. Shaun sees good marketing as an investment, not a cost and that is exactly the approach we will be taking with all our clients, using proven tactics based around a solid core strategy.

"It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride this last fortnight as we geared up for launch but it has been great fun and we’ve heard from a huge number of marketing experts who would like to work as part of our expanded team. We’re especially pleased to win an account so close to the end of the year when let’s face it, many investment decisions are put off until the new year. It just goes to show that when the solution is right, you just need to get on with it and start implementing the strategy."

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