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New home for Centurion Legal as online model boosts business

New home for Centurion Legal as online model boosts business

Nottingham employment law specialist Centurion Legal has relocated from the city to the suburbs as the rise of online consultations continues to alter the route to market for the sector.

Led by Roscoe Fernandes, Centurion Legal will now be based in a former Wesleyan chapel in Sutton-On-Trent, from where it will deliver its employment law advice to business owners across the UK and increasingly internationally.

"The legal market has been carefully and cautiously modernising for many years now but this year has seen a seismic shift in terms of how clients expect our service provision to be delivered," explained Roscoe.

"Face to face meetings and briefings have been actively discouraged of course and many cases are now held purely online rather than in court. There has been a major switch to paperless where possible and that will mean big changes to the layout, function and indeed size of offices for firms across the land.

"I’ve always been keen to minimise the carbon footprint that we produce both in terms of the paperwork and the travel miles that are incurred in the day-to-day running of a law firm. Thankfully, what we’re seeing now with more and more people embracing the online meeting model is a huge opportunity to streamline processes and to work with far greater efficiency.

"That is not only great news for our clients but also the environment."

With the pandemic and a looming Brexit creating major challenges for business owners across the land, Centurion Legal has seen business levels increase, as firms seek proactive advice on complex areas of Employment law as well as legal representation when cases do go to trial.

Roscoe continued: "It has been a year like no other for sure. One minute I might be advising a business in the East Midlands on TUPE ahead of a pending acquisition and the next I will be dialling into a conference in the US to discuss the finer details of employment contracts here in the UK.

"All of this is now possible thanks to the switch to a more modern method of working and I’m proud to be a part of this movement in the legal sector."

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