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Longcliffe Quarries makes local business relationships a priority - with blast specialist EPC-UK

Longcliffe Quarries makes local business relationships a priority - with blast specialist EPC-UK

Continuing its commitment to supporting local economies and communities against the Covid-19 backdrop, independent limestone and dolomite supplier Longcliffe Quarries, has forged an even closer working relationship with fellow Derbyshire firm, EPC-UK to continue its programme of safe, socially distanced mineral production.

The Brassington Moor Quarry near Matlock has been classed as a frontline operation since the Covid-19 outbreak as its production of calcium carbonate is used within pharmaceuticals, water treatments and animal feeds. To perform essential blasting procedures safely and successfully in light of recent circumstances, it has continued to rely on the specialist services of renowned blast expert, Alfreton-based, EPC-UK.

Originally opened in 1927 and still owned and operated by its original proprietors, the Shields family, the quarry now has 174 employees and has always played a responsible role in supporting its surrounding community and related economies, as Viv Russell, Longcliffe Group MD explains:

“Rather than engage the services of national subcontractors, Longcliffe has consistently chosen to work with local companies and suppliers and only procure goods from within a 40-mile radius of our quarry site.

“The recently introduced Covid-19 safety measures have meant this ethos is more relevant to business success now than ever before.  We believe our commitment to local partnerships works to support the local economy, strengthen relationships, benefit employment and reduce transit inefficiencies.  Our family-operated status gives us the opportunity to continue exercising executive preference regarding local supplier choices and build upon the relationships we believe reinforce our professional, customer-orientated offering.

“The outbreak has presented challenges for us all. For Longcliffe Quarries, it’s created a situation that has required us to pull together and show fortitude; supported by supplier companies with the resolution and professional approach of commercial blast specialist, EPC-UK.”

EPC-UK has a longstanding relationship with Longcliffe Quarries, which was formalised earlier this year. Chosen by the quarry for its reputation and quality of product, EPC-UK is widely regarded an industry expert, successfully supporting mining, cement and aggregate industries in the local area.

The company’s depth of experience is renowned and is further enhanced by ‘an operational safety and competency’ focus, categorically placed as its number one priority. Currently ensuring all social distancing guidelines are firmly adhered to within the operating environment, EPC-UK provides explosives and blasting accessories to Longcliffe Quarries, enabling it to successfully extract limestone for production into high-quality aggregates, granules and fine powders.

“We feel privileged to have been considered a key supplier to Longcliffe Quarries and recognise and appreciate the reliance placed on us to perform vital operations appropriately during the Covid-19 period”, said Ben Williams, Managing Director at EPC-UK.

“By working to ‘one vehicle to one person’ regulations, cleaning equipment thoroughly before and after use, fitting Perspex screens within vehicles and applying virtual sign in and sign out protocols to minimise contact, we’re helping to protect both the employees of Longcliffe Quarries and EPC-UK teams, as well as the wider community each interact with.”

Having rigorously implemented social distancing guidelines across his company since the beginning of the pandemic, Ben goes on to explain that all EPC-UK’s operations, on and off site, have transferred to virtual means wherever possible and that when person-to-person contact is unavoidable, social distancing is strictly adhered to.

“We’re living through continually changing times, which makes the need for local companies to support each another and sustain the regional economy, imperative. Together we can work towards encouraging job security, strengthening relationships and building upon existing levels of trust that will benefit businesses now, as well as in more consistent times to come.

“I echo the view that by pulling together, safely and with our customers’ needs positioned first and foremost, we’ll be rewarded with the opportunities to continue our essential work for the foreseeable future and protect our valued, local economy.”

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