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Grahame Gardner launches new uniform recycling service

Grahame Gardner launches new uniform recycling service

An innovative new service to reduce the amount of old uniforms being sent to landfill has been unveiled by a leading workwear provider.

Leicester-based Grahame Gardner is offering its customers the opportunity to send back any old uniforms so they can be disposed of securely, confidentially and in the most environmentally way.

The returned uniforms will be taken away to be shredded and, instead of  going to landfill, are then recycled to create Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) for industrial businesses or for mattress fillings, car roof insulation and panel linings.

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) £140 million worth, approximately 350,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year. Many uniforms are made of plastic based textiles such as polyester which are damaging to the environment as the fibres do not disintegrate.

Sarah Lowe, group operations director of Grahame Gardner Ltd, said:

“Here at Grahame Gardner we are always looking at innovative approaches to recycling and what we can do as a company to reduce our carbon footprint and do things as environmentally friendly as possible. Introducing this new service means we can offer our customers a full circle service from purchase right to when their uniforms reach end of life.

“It’s a great approach to tackling this issue and one we have worked incredibly hard on and hope to be able to expand in the future. We all need to do our bit for the environment, particularly those in the clothing industry, to reduce the amount of landfill waste so it’s a really positive step and one we are taking very seriously.”

In addition, shredding uniforms can also help with potential security risks as work uniforms often display sensitive company information such as employee name, company logo or contact details. An old uniform could be used to illegally impersonate a professional such as security officers, police officers or NHS staff and if in the wrong hands could result in a serious security breach for an organisation or business.

Added Sarah:

“By eliminating any potential security risks whilst also positively impacting on the environment, this new initiative is something we want to actively encourage our customers to take part in moving forward.”

Grahame Gardner can offer various solutions to suit requirements depending on the volume and frequency of uniforms being recycled. These include direct return to a customer warehouse, ad hoc collections and regular monthly collections for trade account customers.

For organisations that have old uniforms purchased from Grahame Gardner who would like to make use of the recycling service, please contact or call 0116 255 6326.

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