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  Derby web agency grows business with launch of specialist online antiques marketplace

Derby web agency grows business with launch of specialist online antiques marketplace

Derby based web design agency, Antiques Web Design by ph9, which specialises in designing websites for antiques dealers, has grown its portfolio with the launch of a new online antiques marketplace.

The agency has launched to put its expertise in the antiques sector to good use and to create a unique online marketplace, focusing on sustainability and ethical consumerism.

With 16 years of experience in working with antiques dealers, Rob Watson, the owner of Antiques Web Design and has always planned to launch his own antiques marketplace.

Seeing a trend within the industry for antiques becoming more popular than ever this year, Rob decided the time was right to launch the marketplace. Lockdown has brough about a surge in interest in antiques, not just as investment pieces but also out of a heightened awareness of sustainability and consumers turning away from cheaper, disposable products with shorter lifespans. B-daily recently stated that this ethical consumer market is worth around £82bn in the UK alone. As part of this, people are increasingly wanting furniture and decorative items that last a lifetime and are therefore turning to antiques. sells high quality, one-off and unique antiques, arts and vintage. It’s set to be popular with antiques dealers as it allows them to easily gain greater exposure putting them in front of antiques hunters on a global scale. The site is already proving to be a winner with more than 300 dealers signing up already and listing over 200,000 items. For buyers, they have access to special, exclusive items that would be difficult to find otherwise without scouring antiques shops for hours, removing location-based shopping restrictions too.

Rob said:

“Our plan has always been to launch a marketplace, a bit like eBay but specifically for high-end antiques. Antiques are now reaching an audience that may not have necessarily thought about purchasing them before. Our mission is to make the sustainable world of antiques mainstream. The growing trend of conscious consumerism and a rise in ethical concerns has seen more of a demand for antiques and vintage items.

“Whilst often more expensive than something you can get from IKEA, over time antiques will usually increase in value and have already been proven to last. So they're not only better for the environment, they're better value for money in the long term as they won’t need replacing them every few years.”

Visit to browse the items available.

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