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trentbarton’s mango app overtakes the cards

trentbarton’s mango app overtakes the cards

trentbarton’s mango app for smartphones has been downloaded more than 25,000 times and used for more than 250,000 bus journeys since its launch at the end of August.

Users of the scan-on, scan-off app now greatly outnumber customers still using the mango card, which is being withdrawn this month.

mango card users are being urged to switch to the mango app before their cards stop working from Monday 16 November. They can easily transfer credit from their card to the app when they first activate the app.

Customers who do not own a smartphone can continue to benefit from discounted travel using saver and zigzag tickets or by paying with contactless debit or credit cards. Cash is also still accepted for fares.

Tom Morgan, commercial director of trentbarton, said:

“Our mango app is proving increasingly popular with customers. We’d like to thank everyone who has provided us with feedback so far, during its development phase and since the full launch.

“The card had reached the limit of its development and the app opens up an exciting future of enhancements so we can make travelling with trentbarton even more convenient, connected and productive.”

The mango app is the world’s most advanced ticketing app for buses.  It was the world’s first account-based ticketing app from a bus company which calculates the right fare for the customer using scan on, scan off technology, via a QR code.

Customers can download the mango app for free from their Apple or Android devices. The app has an on-screen balance and instant online top up. It automatically generates a unique QR barcode to be scanned as the customer gets on and off the bus.

Each night the mango system calculates the right fares to charge for the day’s journeys, including the mango discount on single trip cash fares.

As well as a daily cap on charges there are also rolling weekly and 28-day caps so customers can be confident there is a limit to what they spend, however frequently they travel on trentbarton buses. There are also discounts for students and apprentices.

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