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BREXIT Transition Hub Launched

BREXIT Transition Hub Launched

Award winning Freight Forwarder and Ecommerce Fulfilment company Spatial Global have been inundated with importer and exporter questions, as well as ecommerce businesses wanting to know what they need to do to prepare for Brexit Transition End on December 31st.


The clock is ticking - KEEP CALM but don’t just carry on! 

There are new rules from January 1st and we all need to take action to prepare. You can act now and Spatial Global have created the BREXIT TRANSITION HUB to help you find out what you need to change if you import from or export to Europe.


Prepare for the worst hope for the best

The uncertainty of leaving the UK with or without a deal would have been unpredictable enough, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it's gone to a whole new level. If you import or export to or through Europe, you need to review your processes. You must prepare now as this could take some time and with COVID restrictions an unknown factor on already limited resources.


Here's what's predicted

  • 50 million customs transitions per annum rising to 300 million in 2021 - so bandwidth of system will be stretched to max. Are you aware of the new processes?
  • 7000 road haulage vehicles expected to be held at boarders as 2 day delays are forecast - so this is likely to result in significant delays in availability. Possibly driving your customers to look elsewhere within Europe. Also delays in delivery could delay payment. What can you do to mitigate this?


The UK has simplified customs the EU has not!

The UK has a 3 stage approach to customs but the EU has not introduced any simplifications regarding UK trade. The Customs Simplified Freight Procedure means UK Importers will have six months to complete the declaration and can defer the payment of any duties and VAT (optional). The process for exporting goods to the EU will change, you must check what export licences or certificates you need.


Visit the Spatial Global Brexit Transition Hub

The 'Brexit Transition Hub' is designed to help businesses navigate the flow of information being released by providing simple guidance and practical advice for all eventualities wherever possible. Plus provide access to one-to-one support to help answer any specific concerns related to importing or exporting.


It includes:

And much, much more…


Need Advice?   We’re happy to provide it – just get in touch!

On 1st January 2021, the Brexit transition period will end and new rules governing the movement of goods between the UK and the EU will come into force. Despite transitional procedures aimed at simplifying and streamlining this process, additional requirements will be required from Day 1 – are you prepared yet?


As an EU certified AEO customs operator in many European countries, you don’t have to be a customs specialist yourself – leave it to us. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll handle your customs declarations in your own language and in due time.


Information published here is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of publishing but we take no responsibility in the event of incorrect or misleading information.   This service is provided free of charge and without liability or obligation.


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