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Koa Consulting launches CSR scheme to help clients offset their carbon footprint

Koa Consulting launches CSR scheme to help clients offset their carbon footprint

A Derby-based business development consultancy is planting a forest of mangroves on behalf of its clients to help them reduce their environmental impact.

As part of its ongoing commitment to CSR, Koa Consulting has signed up to a scheme which sees it plant trees every month to support climate change initiatives around the world.

The firm plants mangroves for itself and its clients, to help offset their carbon footprints and support environmental projects run by Ecologi, an online social enterprise. Ecologi plants millions of trees every month on behalf of its supporters, as well as supporting a range of carbon reduction schemes.   

Koa Consulting’s efforts have already helped to offset more than seven tons of CO² so far – the equivalent of seven long-haul flights or 17,417 miles driven in a car – saving or 21 square metres of sea ice.

The mangroves it has had planted have helped preserve prime Brazilian rainforest and wind energy in Andhra Pradesh, India, two of the projects supported by Ecologi.

Koa Consulting is a business development consultancy which helps SMEs to achieve growth by improving their processes, sales and marketing and customer service, through better business planning and strategy.

It was founded in 2017 by Jade Brindley, a business development specialist with more than a decade of experience with organisations including East Midlands Chamber and New College Nottingham.

Jade said: “As a business, we’re passionate about the environment and wanted to do something which not only helps us to meet our CSR objectives, but gives us the ability to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and our clients.

“Our name was taken from the Hawaiian Koa tree, so there was a nice synergy between our business and the projects Ecologi supports.

“Through the scheme, we’ve planted 82 mangroves so far and the plan is to plant more every month, with the amount increasing as new clients come on board.

“It means that if you work with us, we don’t just help your business grow naturally, we help minimise your environmental impact too.”

For more information, and to gift the planting of additional trees, visit

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