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Derby finance expert launches free how-to videos and online money MOTs to help Derby families take control

Derby finance expert launches free how-to videos and online money MOTs to help Derby families take control

A Derby financial advisor is preparing to launch a series of online videos and run free 20-minute online money MOTs to help families get ready for whatever 2021 has in store for them.

James Wallis, founder of Aristotle financial Planning, at Friar Gate Studios in Ford Street, is balancing his day job with the task of filming a series of helpful videos which he says will cover a wide range of topics, from budgeting and shopping local, to giving to charity and even buying some house plants.

The aim of the videos, each of which will be up to two minutes long, is to help people to take control of their lives and their money so that they can leave the disruption of 2020 behind and enter 2021 with a healthy frame of mind.

And he wants anyone who feels that they need some help with their personal finances to get in touch for a free no-obligation, drop-in style online discussion.

James established Aristotle earlier this year and says that his first year in business has inevitably been characterised by working with clients whose lives and financial plans have been impacted by the coronavirus.

Many have shared plans to save up for big ticket items such as dream holidays next year because they have had to go without luxuries, while others have discussed the affordability of a career change or sought advice after using the pandemic as a time-out while they re-think the direction that their lives are taking.

Now he wants to help more people come to terms with how the pandemic has affected them and share his expertise and knowledge to help them deal with the sense of trepidation and uncertainty that surrounds prospects for the next 12 months.

James said:

“Any time there is some form of change or upheaval in our lives it impacts on our finances, both in terms of our earnings and the ways in which we plan to spend our money.

“It’s therefore no surprise that the coronavirus has had a huge effect on everyone’s finances this year, which is why I wanted to reach out with some free videos and online drop-in sessions for anybody who wanted to find out how they could take control of their money again.

“However, I’m a great believer in the link between spending money and happiness, which is why my videos will take a look at how people can put money aside to buy things that will cheer them up after such a difficult year, as well as other non-financial aspects of their lives that I think will help them face 2021 and the uncertainties that face them with the sense of control that leads to improved confidence and renewed optimism.

“I’ll be doing videos on issues such as encouraging people to think about what makes them happy as well as reducing screen time and even buying some house plants, which studies show reduce stress levels and boost people’s mood.”

James has 10 years’ experience as an independent and chartered financial planner and specialises in working with families, especially those of people who are approaching retirement age or who run their own businesses.

Taking his inspiration from the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who believed in the need for simplicity when passing on information, James founded his company because he saw a need for a financial advice service that its straightforward and personable.

He now has clients all across Derbyshire and further afield and also holds free drop-in sessions at local firms and councils to offer staff advice on pensions, investments and reducing debt.

To find out more visit or view the videos on

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