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Northamptonshire homebuilder joins national pledge to boost career opportunities

Northamptonshire homebuilder joins national pledge to boost career opportunities

As part of a national pledge, leading Northamptonshire developer Barratt Homes has unveiled a new action plan to increase access to career opportunities in the housebuilding sector for people in Wellingborough.

The Social Mobility Pledge, co-founded by former Secretary of State for Education, Rt Hon Justine Greening, is set to ensure more people are able to progress in careers, unhindered by their background or lack of connections.

As a signatory to the Pledge, Barratt Homes’ parent company - Barratt Developments PLC - is one of a pioneering group of UK businesses and universities aiming to set a new and higher standard on boosting social mobility in Britain, with boardroom focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues.

Andrew Swindell, Regional Managing Director at Barratt Homes Northampton, said:

“We want to build without barriers and are committed to ensuring everyone reaches their potential. We are proud to have more than double the national average of women in construction. But we know we can do more. This report reaffirms our commitment and sets out the ways that we can go further in the years ahead. As the country’s leading housebuilder and a major employer we have an important role to play as the country looks to recover beyond the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Social Mobility Pledge was cofounded by Justine Greening in 2018, after she left the Government, alongside UK entrepreneur David Harrison. From a local perspective, Social Mobility research carried out in 323 local authorities identified Wellingborough as an area where the Pledge could really make a difference to young people’s lives.

It asks businesses and universities to commit to levelling up Britain by partnering with local schools, offering apprenticeships and using open and fair recruitment practices.

A launch event to showcase Barratt Developments’ Opportunity Action Plan was recently held at a college close to the leading developer’s headquarters in Leicestershire on Wednesday 21^st October, and was the culmination of months of work with the Social Mobility Pledge team.

On the day, Justine Greening was given an insight into the leading developer’s action plan and also had the chance to meet with a couple of apprentices who shared their stories of the opportunities presented to them whilst working for Barratt Homes.

Joshua Jiffur, Carpentry and Joinery Apprentice with Barratt Homes Northampton in Milton Keynes, said:

“Barratt are a great employer. They’re consistent and supportive. I spend a lot of time working with a subcontractor and I value the experience I am getting from my apprenticeship.

“I spent over four years looking for an apprenticeship and as soon as I saw Barratt’s career pathways I was excited to apply. I really enjoy my role, there’s a lot of variety to the work and it offers great long term prospects.

“I understand social mobility as an individual’s ability to access different parts of life, and how this can increase or decrease during a person’s career. It was encouraging to learn more about the future of apprenticeships and other programmes supporting young people and career changers."

During Justine’s visit, she also heard how Barratt Developments is helping the UK to build back better from the effects of Covid-19.

Justine Greening said:

“Achieving true social mobility in Britain and levelling up our country is a huge challenge but one that businesses and universities are rising to. They have a crucial role to play and can be an incredible force for good in spreading opportunities more evenly across communities and to people that have missed out for far too long.

“The Covid-19 crisis has also reset the relationship between businesses and their customers, who expect them to be much more active on social purpose. I am delighted that Barratt Developments is at the forefront of this environment, social and corporate governance agenda. Publishing this action plan today sends out a clear signal that Barratt Developments is raising the standard of corporate ESG and I look forward to working closely with them in the important months ahead for our country.”

Through its developments, Barratt and David Wilson Homes brings financial investment via S106 contributions whilst underpinning a range of jobs in the areas it builds.

Showing support to key workers during the lockdown, Barratt Developments also donated more than 5,000 medical-grade facemasks to hospitals across the country and gave its entire stock of 400 defibrillators to St John Ambulance in England and Wales and St Andrew’s First Aid in Scotland.

As part of its commitment to boosting social mobility, Barratt Developments offers a range of apprenticeships, as well as programmes for both undergraduates and graduates – all of which provide a strong platform for a successful career in the construction industry.

Barratt Homes will soon be launching a range of properties at Glenvale Park in Wellingborough which, with 199 homes initially being built at the development, is estimated to underpin close to 398 jobs in the local area.

For further information about the career opportunities available with Barratt Developments, please visit

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