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Small business renters welcome moratorium extension

Small business renters welcome moratorium extension

Responding to the MHCLG announcement of a three month extension to a moratorium on commercial tenant evictions in England until 31 December 2020. 

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) National Chair Mike Cherry said:

"The news of this extension will be a welcome one for many who have had to make difficult decisions during this period of huge uncertainty. For many small firms, economic activity is still far lower compared to before the crisis, and support through interventions like this one are crucial to safeguarding thousands of firms and millions of jobs. 

"This measure will allow some breathing room at a time when local lockdowns, increasing coronavirus cases and difficulty when it comes to accessing testing among other factors are weighing heavy on the minds of small businesses. 

"With the furlough scheme ending in a matter of weeks, more must be done to ensure that small firms including renters, who are the backbone of the economy, have the necessary support they need to survive." 

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