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LED specialist aids leisure industry recovery efforts with tech makeovers

LED specialist aids leisure industry recovery efforts with tech makeovers

A Leicestershire lighting and electrical installations company has thrown its shoulder to wheel in the leisure industry’s fight to ease public safety concerns and enhance the customer experience ahead of last Saturday’s long-awaited reopening of indoor entertainment venues.

Ventola Projects has supported many venues with the installation of a wide range of innovative lighting and gaming solutions that will not only reassure consumers that they are COVID-secure but also help them stand out from the crowd.

Many commentators forecast a widespread reduction in public demand for leisure and entertainment amid fears that venues might be overcrowded and that activities might be unsafe. And a smaller overall pie means attracting customers is more important than ever.

Look at children’s soft play centres. Infection concerns dictate that ball-pits are no longer permitted. Given ball-pits often play an important role in safety, providing a soft landing for kids going down a slide, for example, venues have also had to close those with steeper descents.

As venues install new equipment with shallower inclines, Ventola Projects has created gaming solutions that allow kids to coordinate their own timed slide and climbing frame races. Instead of throwing balls at each other at the bottom, they can now compete against their friends or try to beat the fastest times of the day and all-time. And, as well as giving kids more of a fitness workout, they’re getting something extra from the experience that they would never have done before.

It has been said many times recently that technology has accelerated by five years in five months. While that is undoubtedly true, the sentiment is rarely applied to soft play centres or, indeed, to bowling alleys, another area in which Ventola Projects is enhancing the customer experience.

With Ten Entertainment enjoying the support of the Leicestershire electrical specialists at several of its UK venues, the archetypal alley may never look or feel the same, as Ventola Projects fits the new range of VAvR LED lighting systems it developed during the early stages of lockdown.

The energy efficient range of solutions can project light shows on to individual lanes, using colour-changing and glow effects to enhance the bowling experience. The technology can also be geared up to illuminate different non-bowling areas of the facility, for example, to ensure people don’t access areas restricted under COVID measures.

Mick Ventola, founder and managing director of Ventola Projects says it is a worrying period for leisure and entertainment businesses: “There is a lot of uncertainty around, so we’re working as hard as we can to help them innovate and differentiate, with things like the VAvR LED range and these new gaming solutions.

“The number one concern, of course, is public safety and venues know they have to breed public confidence. But we’re pleased that, while we can help them adapt and reassure people on that front, we can also help move them forward.

People come to these places for the experience. Some of the things they were used to doing in venues won’t be possible for the foreseeable future but our technology offers experiences many won’t have previously imagined or thought possible.”

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