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Supporting staff returning to the workplace

Supporting staff returning to the workplace

Nottingham-based business Be Your Best Version has launched a new service supporting businesses to minimise anxiety and boost the well-being and performance of their staff as they return to the workplace.

The business which helps professionals reach their full potential, develop leadership skills and maximise productivity has launched the comprehensive service which wraps around the employee ensuring they feel valued, resilient and productive.

A study carried out by the University of Oxford in 2019 found that happy people do a better job. Not only do happy employees work faster but they also achieve higher sales and use their time more productively.

Many people have found the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown difficult and are anxious about returning to the workplace, which affects them, their family and their employer.

Owner of Be Your Best Version and Certified Professional Coach, Sophie Wragg, has helped professionals to manage their stress, anxiety and negative thinking, all of which are being experienced by many people as they prepare to return to their workplace.

Sophie Wragg said “Many of us will have faced more changes this year than ever before which can lead to stress, anxiety and ill health. We prefer familiarity and certainty but even as we slowly return to normal, things will still be very different to before the lockdown.

“Returning to the workplace is likely to cause a range of emotions for staff and where there is a mix of staff who having been working on-site, from home or furloughed this can pose additional challenges to the business.”

To overcome these problems, Be Your Best Version offers a complete wraparound service to businesses.

The service includes targeted training for leaders, a workshop for returning staff and one-to-one sessions to offer additional support. This complete approach provides maximum impact, supports staff well-being, optimises staff engagement and reduces disruption to the business.

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