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Major Chris Brannigan, who is walking the length of the country barefoot to raise money for genetic research for his 8 year old daughter Hasti, was welcomed by the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Dame Elizabeth Fradd, as he passed through Ollerton last week. 


Chris, nicknamed ‘The Barefoot Major’, is walking from Land’s End to Edinburgh with a target of raising at least £400, 000 to fund research into the genetic condition Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). So rare is the condition, that only around 400 people in the UK have it, and there is currently no treatment available.  Chris’s daughter Hasti has a rare form of the disease.


The 5 week journey has been painful and challenging: “It’s been the best and the worst thing I’ve ever done, to be honest.  Every step is genuinely painful and difficult, and I wake up every morning with a sense of dread that I’ve got to run or walk another 20 plus miles in bare foot. But it’s been amazing in that I’ve met so many cool people.  People have come from all over the country, to give me a bottle of water, to make a donation, to offer words of encouragement.  The kindness we have received as a family has been phenomenal.”


High Sheriff Dame Elizabeth Fradd wanted to meet Chris to offer her support and encouragement on behalf of Nottinghamshire but also has a personal motive. The High Sheriff was a nurse by profession, with a particular interest in children’s medicine, and explained: “I’m hugely humbled by what Chris is doing, what a remarkable young man.  But for me, what he’s doing is really important, not just for Hasti his daughter, but for all the families that have children with really quite rare genetic conditions.”


Soldiers from the Army Recruiting Office turned out to support Chris on this leg of his journey, and he has been supported throughout the walk by both the Army and members of


the public who came to cheer him on.

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