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LED specialist aids care home providers with new safeguarding technology

LED specialist aids care home providers with new safeguarding technology

A Leicestershire business is playing its part in the fight against coronavirus with the development of a new safeguarding technology for care homes.

And it is hoped the innovative system will provide some relief for care home owners looking to host visiting guests.

Anstey-based LED lighting specialist Ventola Projects has created the advanced iCheck system, an entry and exit management system that can check temperatures to within an accuracy of 0.5°C.

Combining the firm’s signature VAvR system with heat mapping technology, it aims take some of the burden off vital caregivers to allow the long overdue rebuilding of those all-important human relationships. 

Commenting on the technology, Ventola Projects founder Mick Ventola, said:

“We’ve been experimenting with partners on this kind of technology for a few years and have finally settled on a format and suite of functions that can really help care home providers both now and when the pandemic has eventually been defeated.

“Of course, the need for heat monitoring in the context of COVID-19 is something new but we’ve been able to incorporate it into the system at a time when it can offer people vital reassurance. It is our hope that the VAvR iCheck range can be of real benefit for care homes facing tough challenges and real operational dilemmas.”

Ventola’s iCheck system comprises of both kiosk and wall mapping units that can automatically lock and unlock doors depending on an individual’s temperature.

Using WiFi or LAN in combination with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the system can not only keep people out but also ensure residents stay inside a facility and manage staff movements between different areas using their smartphones.

The solutions can also dispense hand sanitiser – automatically and touch-free – and even check and remind people to wear face coverings, acting as virtual gatekeeper to care homes and other medical facilities.

Most impressively, the units, which are 4G/5G compatible and app friendly, can even allow visitors to talk to a virtual host that not only understands their voices, but also recognises their faces, even if they are wearing face coverings.

The advanced system represents an altogether significant diversification and progression of the Ventola brand, which has completed LED lighting projects for Las Vegas casinos, celebrity admirers and even the Qatari royal family in its 30 year plus history.

Fully compliant with all relevant regulations, the iCheck system is now listed and live on Her Majesty’s Government’s Crown Commercial Service online purchasing portal.

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