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Hedera Screens provide Leicester City Centre Social Distancing Greenery

Hedera Screens provide Leicester City Centre Social Distancing Greenery

Leicester City Council commissioned Hedera Screens to work with them to provide planter boxes containing living ivy screening, to enforce COVID-19 social distancing across the city.


This comes as Leicester are just about to be allowed out of lockdown and able to open their bars and hair salons in line with the rest of the country on 3rd August.


People visiting the City will be greeted with beautifully displayed planter boxes, which not only look aesthetically pleasing but also have a huge number of health benefits as well as the providing necessary social distancing measures.


Not only do the Green Screens enable vegetation to be introduced into places where other such green infrastructure is lacking in city centres, they are improving the ‘look’ of the space but most importantly the planted greenery have been proven to reduce air pollution considerably. They can be placed much closer to emission sources such as roadways and streets, providing an immediate impact for the people living, working and visiting Leicester.


Green Screens can influence biodiversity and capture micro-pollutants thereby improving air quality, wellbeing and human health which is of utmost importance right now as we are in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Statistics have shown that over the lockdown the pollution levels dropped as cars were not being used as much so it is great to be able to have another positive way to reduce the pollution that we are subject to in our daily lives.


Hedera Screens install green screens across the whole of the UK for businesses, councils, schools and individuals. We have been working to reduce pollution and create more green spaces since 2007 and continue to go from strength to strength and are very proud to be involved in this initiative.

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