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Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Technology from Burton on Trent Company Nitro Medical

Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Technology from Burton on Trent Company Nitro Medical

Breakthrough Cancer Treatment Technology  

  •  the world’s first vacuum-driven cryo system


Burton on Trent company Nitro Medical Limited announces completion of the latest testing phase of its new Cryoneedle Cryotherapy device for destroying cancerous tumours - the world’s first vacuum-driven cryo system. 


This latest phase is part of Nitro Medical 6-year programme researching, developing, creating and refining an improved means of delivering cryosurgery with significant advantages over existing systems in the market.


Nitro Medical’s Cryoneedle cryosurgery system brings a new standard of performance and safety to deliver more efficient cryotherapy with re-useable probes.


Chris Wilson, Nitro Medical Limited comments, “The Cryoneedle system differs as it uses less of the freezing medium and, more importantly, eliminates potential risks associated with current systems. These all use a variety of gases but deliver to the probe using pressurised systems which is relatively expensive in gas usage and carries an inherent danger of probes fracturing with catastrophic effects.

This Cryoneedle device uses patent-protected technology for treating cancerous tumours in the body’s major organs and offers economic and healthcare advantages over existing devices. “


-          Cryoneedle works by destroys cancerous tumours using a cryo probe to create intense cold to freeze and destroy diseased tissue.

-          Cryoneedle can reduce recovery time, shorten hospital stay or eliminate hospital stays for some operations. Secondary treatments, i.e., chemotherapy can be started earlier giving the patient a better chance of recovery.

-          Cryoneedle treatments could save hospitals, clinics and insurance companies $millions each year in time and cost while improving patient outcomes.

-          Cryoneedle re-useable probes can be used 50 times before servicing

-          Cryoneedle is a vacuum driven system which eliminates potential risks associated with current pressurised systems


Cryotherapy is an established method of destroying cancerous tumours within the breast, prostate, liver, kidney and other treatable areas.


Cryosurgery is an option for treating cancers that are considered inoperable or that don’t respond to other treatments. Operations don’t require open surgery and are less invasive, reducing infection risk, aiding faster recovery, consequently minimising pain, bleeding and other complications.


Cryoneedle probes are also designed to be used up to 50 times before needing servicing, offering manufacturers an opportunity to create a significant secondary income stream.

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