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Automotive experience gives new East Midlands PPE company manufacturing advantage

Automotive experience gives new East Midlands PPE company manufacturing advantage

A new company set up this month (July) to make PPE is drawing on the benefit of over 17 years’ experience of manufacturing parts for the automotive sector.

Pinnacle PPE has been set up by Nottinghamshire-based Interflex 2000 who specialise in the production of high-grade insulation components to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in vehicles. As the production process for disposable masks is similar to the one used for NVH products, the company is using existing equipment and adapting production lines onsite to manufacture high quality PPE. Interflex/Pinnacle has set up a new ‘clean room’ area in the factory designated to the manufacture of PPE.

The new company was set up in response to a decline in demand for parts as car production temporarily ceased and the corresponding and ongoing increase in need for PPE during the pandemic.

With face masks mandatory in English shops from July 24th, this demand looks set to continue rising. Pinnacle’s disposable face masks ensure that people can comply with the law, protecting themselves and others when out and about.

Working in an industry with procurement challenges, complex supply chains and JIT production processes is ideal preparation for the new PPE venture according to Pinnacle PPE’s commercial director Malcolm Stewart.  

“As lockdown continues to ease and the public embark on the common goal of avoiding a second wave and hopefully meeting the aim of a return to normality by the end of the year, we are seeing a huge demand for practical, comfortable and cost-effective masks,” he comments.

“As a company, we have been able to channel 17 years of expertise and innovation making insulation products for one of the most demanding and competitive sectors in the world into this new type of personal insulation that everybody now needs.”

Due to the PPE shortage in medical and care settings and confused messaging from the government about the wearing of face coverings in public, Pinnacle PPE initially concentrated on professional PPE. However, even before it was announced face coverings would be mandatory in shops, the company identified huge demand as people sought to fulfil their responsibility to themselves and others as they embarked on the ‘new normal’.

“Now that it’s a question of which face mask to wear in shops, rather than whether to wear one or not, it makes sense to choose a great quality mask,” adds Malcolm. “This is particularly the case now that they are likely to be an essential part of our lives for the foreseeable future.”

Pinnacle PPE’s face masks conform to European standards with 98% bacterial filtration. Lightweight and comfortable, the masks have elasticated ear loops and a nose clip for secure, accurate fitting and are made from breathable latex-free polypropylene with a non-woven fabric filter layer. They are disposable with a 40-hour wear time.

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