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Lubrizol staff make a marathon effort to put mental and physical health first

Lubrizol staff make a marathon effort to put mental and physical health first

Workers at a Derbyshire company took part in a month-long challenge to get physically and mentally fit and collectively clocked up more than 1,600 miles - the equivalent of running from Belper to Albania.


Around 30 colleagues at Lubrizol, in Hazelwood, took part in the British Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon Challenge, which invited people to run or walk 26.2 miles over the course of a month.


Lubrizol has committed to fundraising for the BHF for two years and agreed to throw down the gauntlet to its workers in a bid to help them stay active during lockdown.


In total, the group ran 1,603.7 miles, with business manager David Boyes managing an impressive five marathons during the month – covering a distance of 147.5 miles.


The distance burned off 13,500 calories and took him a total of 20 hours, running an average nearly 5 miles every day.


David, 48, is a keen athlete and a member of Belper 10:20 Triathlon Club. He has raced extensively since 2009 and has qualified for the duathlon and triathlon World and European Championships every year since 2013.


He said: “Since all the events I normally take part in were cancelled I decided to use the MyMarathon challenge to build my base mileage to ensure that, when I can race again, I’m stronger and fitter. 


“I live on the edge of the Peak District National Park so running at lunch time helped me get away from my computer screens and into the beautiful Derbyshire wilds.


“I have raised money for multiple myloma which my mum had, and whenever I’m finding the running gets tough I just think of mum and she spurs me on.


“As many of us were working from home it was a nice way to stay in touch with colleagues and since quite a few of those taking part hadn’t run before, it was great to see them clocking up the miles during lockdown.”


The company also encouraged those not taking part in the challenge to attempt MyMindfulness and concentrate on their mental health for 26.2 hours.


Activities could be meditation, reading a book, taking a leisurely walk or even doing a jigsaw and seven people completed the challenge notching up almost 5,000 minutes of mindfulness.


Lubrizol takes employees’ psychological health as seriously as their physical health and in recent months has trained 18 members of staff as mental health first aiders.

This means the company has one mental health first aider for every 20 employees who can be approached confidentially by those with conditions like depression, anxiety or stress and are trained to be on the look-out for changes in colleagues’ behaviour which may indicate a deterioration in mental wellbeing.

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