‘Swap Shop’ scheme helps shortfall in plastering supplies

‘Swap Shop’ scheme helps shortfall in plastering supplies

With many manufacturing companies behind because of Covid-19, some small businesses are facing supply challenges in the weeks ahead. Rob Moore, a plasterer since leaving school, 13 years working in education, and now the Construction Manager at Nottingham College, has come up with a clever ‘swap shop’ scheme, to help out small businesses in need of plastering materials. 


The College is set to close for the summer, and therefore Rob’s scheme means that businesses in short supply of plaster can order materials, which would otherwise go unused over the next few weeks, with the idea that they replace it with ‘like for like’ stock later in the year. Rob explains: 


“Our students won’t be using the plaster over the summer period so it seemed like a good idea to offer it out to small businesses to help keep them ticking over. In return, the College will receive fresh products when our students return, and when manufacturing companies have had chance to catch up.” 


The scheme will run until the end of July, so any businesses in need of plaster supplies can contact Rob via Twitter @ConstructionFE. 


As one of the largest construction training providers in the Midlands, the College has a number of industry contacts, including a long-standing partnership with British Gypsum, which donates tonnes of plastering materials to the College each year.  


Rob qualified as a plasterer back in 1985 when he completed an apprenticeship at Nottingham College’s Basford campus. He’s now the Construction Manager at that same campus, as well as a member of the National Association of Plastering Lecturers.  


He said: “Plastering was my livelihood for many years, so the industry is one close to my heart. I’m lucky enough to have built up some great contacts over time, and we all feel strongly about the industry and supporting the next generation of trainee plasterers.  


“This scheme is a win-win for both the College and local businesses. We can help with the shortage of plastering materials right now, and come October, when our students have returned, we’ll get fresh plaster for them to continue their training.” 

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