Continued support for NHS: Pretty Polly to extend 50% discount for a year

Continued support for NHS: Pretty Polly to extend 50% discount for a year

The British hosiery super brand Pretty Polly will extend its generous 50% discount online for NHS workers for one year and is encouraging others to follow suit.

Launched in April, via the Blue Light Scheme, the promotion has been available throughout the pandemic to offers thanks and support to the 1.5m dedicated NHS workers working tirelessly in light of such difficult circumstances.

Renowned for their beautiful lingerie, tights and cosy loungewear – Pretty Polly offers the perfect indulgence at the end of a tiring shift.

Despite the final ‘clap’ of appreciation from the nation taking place on Sunday 5 July, the brand has announced it will continue the promotion for a whole year until 5 July 2021, to ensure their support will continue regardless of what the future holds.

"We can’t thank the NHS enough for their incredible hard work in keeping us safe. We have a really great understanding of their commitment, with many team member’s families and friends being nurses, paramedics and doctors in local hospitals," Sales Director Carla Smith commented.

"In the grand scheme of things we know this is a small gesture, but we hope it goes a long way in encouraging other brands to continue their support and appreciation," she continued.

Back in May, the brand sent an array of products in goodie boxes to staff in hospitals throughout the region to display their sincere gratitude.

Based in Nottingham, Pretty Polly’s heritage spans an incredible 100 years having just celebrated the incredible milestone, and continues to be a great innovator within the industry.

To redeem this discount, NHS workers will need to register for the Blue Light Scheme via the website.

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