West Bridgford based workflow automation specialist, Intoware has launched ‘Contribute Fest 2020’ to encourage its employees to spend time during lockdown ‘giving back’ by creating open source projects and sharing new ideas with software developers around the world.


Like other software companies, Intoware developed and built its workflow automation platform WorkfloPlus that digitises business processes, by searching the web for specialist knowledge and adopting open source code to accelerate the company along its innovatory path as it looked to solve new challenges.


But without the open source community contributing free content and code, there would not be the cloud technologies that many businesses like Intoware rely on to fast-track their development projects. Yet it was only a few years ago that open source sharing was prohibited by the likes of Microsoft, now one of its largest contributors.


The company’s founder and CTO, James Woodall believed that it was a good time for Intoware’s employees to say thank you by incubating their own open source projects, such as exploring the role Kubernetes play in workflow production or by putting their ideas in the spotlight.


James explains: “Since key workers continue to support our community, it was only right that our employees should also ‘give back’ in their own way, so we created Contribute Fest 2020.


“As we felt that our sense of community that we all enjoyed in the office had been challenged in these uncertain times. Contribute Fest 2020 provides the opportunity for us to do something different, encouraging collaboration within our business.


“We’ve had some great contributions already, from advice on how to get started with Kubernetes or HELM which helps businesses on their microservices journey, to a beginners guide to web element locator strategies and a blog highlighting common pitfalls in software contracts, our team has really started to run with this.”


While James himself will also be progressing his own project to help auto-scale Kubernetes containers based on Hangfire metrics to help manage background tasks efficiently such as thumbnail generation or emails.

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