Broadband revolution: Nottingham set to join the Gigabit City Club

Broadband revolution: Nottingham set to join the Gigabit City Club

An East Midlands IT service and support company is set to introduce a fresh way for local businesses to get on board with ultra-fast fibre optic broadband, previously unobtainable in the U.K.

RDS Global, a thriving local IT company has been appointed the sole ‘City Champion’ for Nottingham on behalf of CityFibre - a privately owned venture capital business, which aims to future-proof the UK’s urban digital infrastructures with the widespread rollout of full fibre networks.

The company’s Gigabyte Lines have already been made live in Nottingham and Leicester, with Derby set to be made live toward the end of 2020 – and as the local company responsible for selling the new broadband deals to businesses in Nottingham, RDS is excited about what the new technology could mean.

Andy Flinn, CEO at RDS Global, said: “This technology comes on the back of billions of pounds worth of investment from CityFibre and it has the potential to transform the way businesses in Nottingham work. 

"Speeds of a Gigabyte will deliver a level of connectivity that has been unobtainable until now – and the fact that it promises to increase the efficiency, the effectiveness and the wellbeing of the local business community fits very well with what we try to do for our clients every day.”

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