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Nottingham local Rosalyn Palmer contributing author Female Changemakers – No. 1 on Amazon after launch May 29

Nottingham local Rosalyn Palmer contributing author Female Changemakers – No. 1 on Amazon after launch May 29

Launched Saturday May 29 2020 Ignite Your Life for Female Changemakers went, on its publication day, to No.1 on Amazon (Kindle download) in eight countries across categories including; person success and spirituality, essays, philanthropy and charity, spiritual growth, literary essay and literature.

The compilation book from Ignite Press is a compilation of 50 stories and life lessons from women who are the best in their industry and live a fulfilled professional and private life. 


One story is from U.K. award-winning author, coach and therapist Rosalyn Palmer whose story is entitled: Change yourself. Then change the world.  It starts: ‘The greatest change you will make in the World will come from within. It will arrive when you gain a heartfelt appreciation of all that has led you to being who you are today.’


Palmer states that her personal intention in sharing this story is because: “Your inner self holds the true key to change.  Once you move beyond a need to change your external circumstances (travel, work, trinkets and titles), in the hope that this will make you feel better; and stop and feel the feelings you’ve been avoiding, you can truly resolve the pain and be at one with your best and most authentic self. Change yourself from the inside out. Then change the world for the better. “


Says Palmer: “’Ignite’ moments are those life-altering decisions we remembered profoundly but didn’t see the long-term effects until we consciously become aware of the impact they made. Recognising our ignite moments helps us see ways we can improve and redefine our current experience.  The modern world is filled with upheaval and uncertainty. In a time where stress is high and satisfaction is low, this book comes as a welcome beacon of positivity and inspiration. It is filled with poignant and yet relatable stories and writing that is simple and moving.  If offers insights into entrepreneurship, living life to its fullest potential and dealing with stress, negativity and self-doubt.“


This is Palmer’s fourth book. Her first solo publication ‘Reset! A blueprint for a Better Life’ won a highly commended award in its first week of publication and has consistently gained only 5-star reviews on Amazon.  Palmer was also a contributing author in ‘Ignite Your Life For Women’ and ‘Ignite Your Female Leadership’, both Amazon No.1 bestsellers. 


About Rosalyn Palmer: Rosalyn Palmer is an Emotional Wellbeing Expert with a private practice as an Award-winning therapist (Advanced Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist) and coach. 

She co-hosts the radio show Girls Around Town on Radio Newark UK and has a monthly newspaper column in the same town. As a bestselling author of the award-winning self-help book: ‘Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life’ she makes emotional wellbeing accessible to all. 


Rosalyn is now also a co-author of two Amazon No.1 bestselling self-help books: 'Ignite Your Female Leadership' & ‘Ignite Your Life for Women’.

A member of the National Council of Psychotherapists; General Hypnotherapy Register & Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Formerly the MD/Founder of award-winning PR agency RPPR, Head of Marketing for an international charity and with an enviable CV from leading London agencies in the 80s and 90s, Rosalyn has grown from many challenging life experiences. This colours and tempers her writing, broadcasting and speaking. It means that she can now, with congruity, help stressed out high performing businesswomen and men to add joy to their portfolio.

About Ignite Press:  Its focus is to Ignite a billion lives via print, video, TV, podcasts, social media, online training, workshops, live events, and even an Ignite magazine. With authors in over 26 countries, ages twelve to seventy-five, Ignite feels the power of positive messaging and heartfelt connections is the foundation of real success. It provides the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform for members to meet one another, create collaborations, give enlightenment, be awakened, and enjoy fun loving friendships. Get more information at


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