New Passive Fire Protection Software Unveiled

New Passive Fire Protection Software Unveiled

FireArrest has officially launched. This new innovative passive fire protection app, available to download on Android and iPhone devices is set to take the industry by storm. Not only is it intuitive, but it’s modern design and competitive price point make it the perfect solution for anyone looking to ensure they’re compliant with all fire safety measures.

The FireArrest App allows site managers, surveyors and onsite teams to communicate across multiple fire safety projects. The app has been designed alongside fire stopping professionals, specifically for use in the fire protection sector, with the aim of offering a solution that is modern, easy to use, intuitive, wide-ranging and all at a competitive price.

The full array of features allows fire professionals to work simultaneously on a project effectively and collaboratively while providing a complete audit trail of any work that has been completed to ensure compliance every step of the way. 

Managing Director, Mark Shaw, had this to say:

 “I’m delighted we have been able to roll this technology out. We’ve worked incredibly hard to create a product that is simple, affordable and effective,”

Mark continues:

“We are able to cover every stage of your passive fire protection project, from the first survey to completion. The app is full of tools and features which give users the opportunity to report and complete work efficiently.”

To coincide with the launch, FireArrest has also unveiled a brand-new website.

“We’ve opted for a modern and sleek design, to correspond with our brand values, and we’re really pleased with the results.”

To mark the app launch, FireArrest is offering an exceptional launch price, with the first six-months at half price for anyone who signs up.

For more information about the FireArrest passive fire protection software, visit

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