Selenity Launches Colleague Box; A Quick And Easy Way To Send Your Employees A Gift Through The Post.

Selenity Launches Colleague Box; A Quick And Easy Way To Send Your Employees A Gift Through The Post.

Colleague Box allows you to connect with your colleagues wherever they are. Featuring a personalised and signed message, these letterbox friendly gifts contain an assortment of treats guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

Adam Bamford, Managing Director of Colleague Box commented:

"The response to Colleague Box has been amazing, not only from our own colleagues at Selenity receiving them but also the interest and custom from other companies. The feeling you get when you receive a surprise gift in the post is awesome.

"With so many people at home right now these boxes are able to give people a much needed boost and hopefully put a smile on their faces."

One of the first companies to send out colleague boxes was Lincoln City Football Club, Liam Scully CEO of LCFC shared one of his colleagues responses. Heidi Langham was thrilled to receive the gift from the club and said:

"I had not ventured outside my house for almost 9 weeks and I love to be around others so I am missing my friends, colleagues and the working environment. Upon opening my postbox, I was intrigued to see an unexpected letter box sized package and as I opened it, I found myself grinning after seeing the luxurious tissue paper and pretty confetti.

"I then read the genuinely heartfelt and personalised message from my employer which told me that I was still very much a member of their team and that they were still thinking of me. There was an array of heartwarming items, quite frankly at that moment it felt like my boss had knocked on the door and given me a hug of support. It was the perfect sentiment, well done Colleague Box!"

Neil Everatt, CEO of Selenity added:

"Employee engagement is crucial at this time, we've over 70 colleagues working remotely and we knew we needed a way to give them a lift! Within two weeks, what started as nice thing to do for our colleagues developed into a flourishing start up. The initial launch has seen some amazing responses and we're excited to see where we can take Colleague Box."

Using a secure upload portal, organisations simply send their order and details to Colleague Box, along with the message they'd like to include and from whom, and Colleague Box takes care of everything shipping direct. Packaged using sustainable and recyclable materials the boxes land on doormats within a few day and puts a smile on the recipients faces.

To find out more visit or connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram over @colleaguebox

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