Leicester car leasing company launches car club scheme to help people cut costs

Leicester car leasing company launches car club scheme to help people cut costs

Leicestershire based Pink Car Leasing has launched a brand new Car Club to offer members enjoy a flexible approach to owning a car, van or pick-up vehicle.

Although car leasing and rental schemes have gained popularity in recent years, traditional methods often have their drawbacks, especially in terms of the flexibility they offer.

With uncertainty widespread at the moment, cars are an expense many will be struggling to meet, even though the benefits of having a personal vehicle have been seen by many during the pandemic. For example, they have allowed key workers to get into work without risking their health on public transport and enable families to go on essential shopping trips.

Pink Car Leasing’s new Car Club offers people a vehicle ownership scheme that is not only flexible but also makes having a car much more accessible and affordable.

Members of the Car Club are set to get a new lease of life says Caroline Hill, Commercial Director at Pink Car Leasing.

“At a more affordable price than traditional, longer lease plans, this is a solution which many will welcome in the current climate.”

“Members have complete control over whether they want to keep, return or swap their car, so long as they have passed the minimum use period of one month and have not exceeded the maximum period of 11 months.”

This allows individuals to change their vehicle to suit their personal circumstances and life events. For example, a larger, family-friendly car can be chosen during term time for school runs whereas a convertible model may be preferred in the warmer summer months.

As we have seen in recent times, having this flexibility and control can prove to be vital, so it is no wonder these leasing options are becoming so popular.

Included in the monthly subscription cost, which varies depending on the age and value of the car, is road tax, scheduled maintenance, repairs due to normal wear and tear, and tyres. This takes some of the pressures related to car ownership away from the driver. Again, with the widespread financial impact of the pandemic, this minimises the chances of any costly surprises, and is a sensible option.

The Car Club has initially been launched exclusively for Leicestershire residents. However, the company does have plans to roll out the scheme to other areas too.


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