How do you Adapt & Innovate through COVID-19?

How do you Adapt & Innovate through COVID-19?

A prime example of a company adapting and innovating is Future Proof Films, with their new ‘Pro Remote Video’ service.

The idea is simple: Future Proof Films send you the equipment needed for a professional video set-up (carefully chosen to work out-of-the-box). You film. Everything is collected - including your top-quality footage. Future Proof Films will skillfully edit. And you continue marketing with professional video content.

Director, Drew Taylour-Davis, commented on the need for the service:

“Before social distancing, we were seeing a real hunger for high-quality company vlogs and creative social media videos, and this is a great way to help businesses keep that content going while staying distant.”

It’s a fully guided service that begins with an important discussion on the marketing aims of the business, the best way to create an impact online, and then, of course, the execution of the video.

Being able to continue to produce professional-looking content that looks and sounds incredible is something a lot of businesses find crucial, and something director, Rob Dawes, strongly believes in:

“There is definitely a place for mobile, self-shot footage in video marketing - in fact, we’re currently working with some clients on videos shot entirely on their mobile phones - but for many industries and businesses, high-quality video better suits their image and performs best online.”

One of the great things the service promotes is the planning and recording of lots of video content at one time. This means you can film an entire series of videos in one session, which can then be released over a series of days, weeks or months, giving you a rich and consistent marketing output for the foreseeable future.

The Pro Remote Video service is a brilliant and practical way to continue delivering professional-quality video despite the current situation.

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