Earthing Services reveals new innovations

Earthing Services reveals new innovations

Internationally-operating electrical earthing specialist Earthing Services has announced expansions to its range to overcome challenges in the most demanding environments, once again defining itself by the enhanced safety, accelerated installation speed and longevity offered by its innovative methods.

To demonstrate the expanded range, the organisation has released a new animation which showcases the expanded range in a variety of applications, along with its global reach. The hopeful tone of the animation is intended to provide an upbeat message about responding positively to challenges; inspired by the work of the NHS, Earthing Services is committing a proportion of all profits made in 2020 to support Covid-19 charities.

Every product in the expanded range is safer, easier and faster to install than conventional approaches and provides enhanced system performance. The range includes ConduForm that enables the unprecedented opportunity to “glue” conductors to rock, and dramatically enhance performance whilst protecting them from thieves or vandals.

2019 saw the increasing domestic popularity of Earthing Services’ ConduDisc, which was used as an alternative to earth rods in a number of applications, but with significant uptake in EV Charging Point installations, the ConduDisc™ is as easy to install as dropping a stone in a hole. Unlike traditional metallic earthing components ConduDisc™ will not deteriorate or require regular maintenance; it is a fit and forget solution. The ConduDisc is included within the new animation.

The ConduDisc™ is a further example of Earthing Services’ commitment to avoid the hazards associated with using earth rods. Although earth rods have long been considered the default option when determining electrical earthing measures, they have inherent risks such as the possibility of unforeseen utility strikes, the inability to install to full depth due to underground elements like buried concrete or rock, and that over time they will deteriorate and potentially leave a site without an effective safety system.

Earthing Services’ partner company in Canada, SAE Inc., has enjoyed considerable success with the expanded range with large utilities in North America for power generation, transmission and distribution earthing, and continues to proudly work alongside as they develop new products together.

The animation announcing the expansion of the range will be launched on 1 May 2020.

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