Leicester students released early from tenancy contracts

Leicester students released early from tenancy contracts

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Leicester based educational charity Sulets has released students early from their housing contracts in its leased properties.

By helping to alleviate the financial stress students may incur, as many have lost their part-time jobs, which helped them to meet their living expenses, Sulets is assisting students at a difficult time as their study, examination and living arrangements are disrupted.

The Sulets decision applies to properties, where the organisation leases the house from the building owner and is therefore responsible for the rent itself. As a result, over 250 students will benefit, should they decide to leave their accommodation, and be released from their tenancy early.

As a result of this decision Sulets will incur a significant loss of income, as will those landlords who have worked with Sulets to share this financial pain to help the city’s students. As an educational charity, Sulets puts the interests of students at the heart of its activities and the early release of students, where possible, is the right thing to do.

This is an extraordinary period for the country and for everyone involved in the education sector. The closure of University buildings and the need to ensure safe practices, left students in a difficult position. Many accommodation providers have stepped up and have taken action to lessen that the financial impact on students, Sulets is proud to be part of that action.

CEO Irving Hill said:

"These are unprecedented circumstances for all of us. Sulets has a clear mission and we would be failing in that if we did not do all that we could for the students who are our tenants."

He continued:

"I would like to thank those landlords who have partnered with us, at financial cost to themselves, when they didn’t need to, so that students could be released from their contracts without penalty."

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