Online Learning Provider Creates Free Course For SME Remote Workers

Online Learning Provider Creates Free Course For SME Remote Workers

MIDLANDS-based online learning provider Improve Online is offering a free taster course to help remote workers upskill.

The free introduction course, which is available to anyone through the Improve Online website, features useful hints and tips on how to work from home effectively and efficiently, including advice on how to boost productivity, utilise key communication tools and keep employees engaged.

The course also includes information to help SMEs keep their employees safe whilst working from home, including working safely with display screen equipment (DSE) and employee wellbeing.

Steve Walker, CEO of Improve Online, said:

“With the new government guidelines on working from home, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are working from home for the first time, not to mention having to do it during a business-critical time.

“We have been working hard to build a fun, interactive and exciting online course specially designed to support business owners and leaders through the shift to remote working. It was important that this introductory course was made accessible to everyone as not all businesses have the right structures and technologies in place to carry on as normal.

“All our courses are high-quality and cost-effective with a modern approach, featuring animated content – which has been proven to help the learning retention process. With this enforced work from home period and furlough workers, it is no surprise that there has been an interest for online learning, and we saw a demand for a work from home course from our partners and existing customers.

“The free course titled; ‘Working from Home SME Toolkit’, is one of 40 live courses currently available on the Improve website, including ‘Working from Home – OneDrive Toolkit’ as well as ‘Working from Home – Teams Toolkit.’ As all the courses are designed for remote learning 24/7, whether that is on a desktop computer or mobile phone, it allows people to learn what they need, when they need it and wherever they are.”

The online courses feature a wide range of topics including legislation and regulation, people and relationships, online and offline safety, digital and creative skills, and management and leadership.

Steve added:

“We also offer a free 14-day trial to access all courses on our website, which is ideal for businesses who want to ‘try before they buy’. Those who sign up to the free trial will also be able to access the follow-up advanced working from home courses on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. Both are broken into 30 modules on how to get the most out of these highly useful tools, as well as the 40 other full courses.”

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