Why CSR is more than a ‘ticked box’ exercise for QDTS Construction

Why CSR is more than a ‘ticked box’ exercise for QDTS Construction

Corporate Social Responsibility has become somewhat of a buzz phrase over the last few years.

On a large scale it involves multi-million-pound corporates participating in, or funding, all sorts of initiatives, trying hard to convince consumers that they really do have a social conscience. There are even entire teams within these organisations responsible solely for their CSR operation.

On a local level however, CSR is very much more about organisations coming together to help each other, creating mutually beneficial relationships - and it has very positive implications for local communities.

Midlands-based QDTS Construction take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Not because they see it as a ticked box on their PR plan, but because they truly understand its value – both to the projects they undertake and to their staff who get the opportunity to participate.

QDTS Managing Director, Terry Benson told us:

“CSR is something which has always been high on the agenda for me personally and for QDTS as a company. We’ve been fortunate to experience a great deal of success over the last 3 years and I think it is hugely important to share that success however we can.”

But it’s not just about giving, Terry added:

“Yes, the charities and community projects we take on get the support they so desperately need, but we get so much from it too. Taking part in local projects is great for team morale and staff really appreciate the chance to make a difference.”

QDTS have definitely put their construction expertise to very good use. Best known for prestigious new builds, city centre apartments and commercial developments, they’ve proved that their skills can be just as easily applied to school playgrounds and nature areas. The team have just recently given up their time and resources to help Croft primary School improve their outdoor space by adding a pond, a decked area – and even some sand and beach huts for the sunnier days.

Sponsorship too, is an area where QDTS regularly give back, contributing generously to Green Towers Football Club, Bodie Hodges Foundation and Leicester Tigers Foundation Monument, and becoming a Platinum Sponsor for Marie Curie West Midland’s Brain Game event at the ICC which raised a staggering £169,000.

They also currently sponsor Corefit Gym in Sutton Coldfield, this sponsorship helps with the development of children’s self-defence, and training in Mauy Thai Boxing for both adults and children.

You can find out more about QDTS and their many CSR activities by visiting http://www.qdtsconstruction.com/

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