The Cash Protection Agency: 27 years of changing conceptions around debt collection

The Cash Protection Agency: 27 years of changing conceptions around debt collection

Loughborough-based business, The Cash Protection Agency, was founded in 1993, and in July 2020 will celebrate 27 years in operation.

The company has been delivering sensitive, diplomatic debt recovery and collection since the original owner saw a gap in the market for small business who aren’t able to afford legal support.

This idea to support all sectors and businesses of all size grew into what we know today as The Cash Protection Agency - a diplomatic, commercial, sensitive option for claiming back what your business is owed. These days, the Agency is led by Denise Parkinson, who’s been with the business since 1999. Denise’s version of CPA offers clients an array of services from debt recovery and tracing, to credit control and credit checking - all, of course, delivered with honesty and fairness.

There’s a common misconception around debt collection: That it is mostly bailiff’s knocking on doors and spreading misery. For CPA, debt collection has become an art form - they’re problem-solvers and resolution-finders. Their aim isn’t to tear people apart but to find the fairest way to settle disputes, and the most diplomatic way to collect owed funds while getting results for our clients.

The personal touch is incredibly important to how the company operates. Every client has a dedicated account handler who manages the process from start to finish. Being owed money can be a distressing, potentially all-consuming conundrum, and CPA prides themselves on being able to remove that anxiety. That pride extends to over 1,000 regular clients - a monumental amount of business which keeps CPA busy all year round.

CPA’s client’s range from the unique to the emotional. They’ve recovered debt for stem cell storage facilities, funeral directors, Architects, Solicitors and high street brands, these debts have The amount of the debts range from as little as £39 to £50,000. As you can see, many of the jobs CPA take on require a degree of delicacy - a touch of human empathy that the team has in abundance. It’s this compassion that has kept them in business for nearly three decades.

The most regular call that CPA receive is from members of the public asking for help with getting back money they have lent to friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, Denise’s company only handle commercial disputes - as much as they’d like to help. In the past they have recovered both commercial and private matters i.e collecting debts owed from family, friends and acquaintances. Whilst they had, good results on this they now only concentrate on commercial disputes.

Denise is intensely proud of the work that she’s done with CPA. She was full of praise for the company:

“The Cash Protection Agency has been my home for 20 years - and I wouldn’t have lasted this long without the amazing team and the great work they do for our clients. It really is an honour to work with them.”

Under Denise’s leadership, the Cash Protection Agency plans to keep challenging the way that debt collection works, and the way that it’s portrayed in the community.

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