Investment in roads and potholes in England is much needed, writes Bruce Spencer-Knott, MD of Minster Group

Investment in roads and potholes in England is much needed, writes Bruce Spencer-Knott, MD of Minster Group

Road users and workers alike will be welcoming the announcement that £2.5 billion is to be set aside for pothole repairs in England over the next five years, but the most astonishing figure is the £600 billion that’s to be invested in infrastructure.

For decades, Britain’s road network has been overlooked despite ever increasing traffic. Investment in roads is essential to the success of so many businesses and to the growth and quality of life in every village, town and city so I’m really pleased that the government is investing in real change for the country. I’m excited to see the ambitious and important projects which can now be pursued with this historic investment to keep Britain moving.

As managing director of a civil engineering firm, I’m fully aware of the damage potholes can cause. While local authorities do an excellent job with the resources they have available, action is desperately needed to improve the quality of roads and deal with the situation.

This huge new pothole funding will fill millions of potholes every year, helping to speed up journeys, reduce vehicle damage and make our roads safer- a benefit not only for motorists but also the wider economy. The chancellor put it perfectly:

“We can’t level up Britain and spread opportunity if we are spending our journeys dodging potholes and forking out for the damage they cause.”

The funding package will also cover re-surfacing works, preventing potholes from occurring in the first place, which could make an enormous difference.

Currently, councils across England fix a pothole every 17 seconds but it’s so important that they have the budget for long-term road maintenance so that potholes can be prevented with cracks and patches being repaired before they become a problem.

I look forward to seeing the benefits that this much-needed funding will bring to road infrastructure and the wider economy; here’s to eradicating the scourge of potholes and helping people to have safer, more efficient and smoother journeys each and every day.

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