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Navigating the HR and Legal Minefield in a new decade

Navigating the HR and Legal Minefield in a new decade

With the Good Work Plan and further changes to employment and equality legislation on the horizon, we speak to a specialist from the UK's market leader for employment law and health and safety support to find out what small businesses need to know. 

Mandie Wilkinson, Business Development Manager, Peninsula UK

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The Good Work Plan, which comes into force in April, will see the UK's biggest shake-up of employment law in over 20 years.

It comes after the Government commissioned the independent Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices to examine the UK Labour Market and the protection of workers rights and look at how businesses can react to the changing working environment.

The Taylor Review is the first of its kind internationally. It has made 53 recommendations for change and the Government has decided to implement most of them.

One of these changes means that all current contracts on employment will become unlawful.

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, host Richard Shakespeare speaks with Mandie Wilkinson, Business Development Manager at Peninsula UK, about the Good Work Plan and what the new decade means for HR and small businesses.

Since 1983, Peninsula has been providing professional services to small businesses across the UK. 

Its first specialism was employment law. For a small business to navigate that maze is next to impossible without the right help. But the cost of having an HR professional on staff is too high for most small businesses, and traditional lawyers often don’t understand small business needs.

That’s where Peninsula comes in. Mandie talks about the issues and challenges that the Good Work Plan will pose, and the support that Peninsula can give to small businesses to help them plot their course through.

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