A radical relaunch for a Nottingham business

A radical relaunch for a Nottingham business

Two Nottingham women aim to radically shift the way the UK supports female founders and are relaunching their business in line with this mission.

Sarah King and Claire Dunn co-founded Work.by Design with the aim of helping 6,000 women set up and run their own businesses by 2025, via a unique package of e-learning programmes and an active online community space.

The goal behind the company remains the same, but it is relaunching as ‘we are radikl’ to reflect the radical women in the community and their desire to radically change the way female founders are supported as they build their businesses.

Sarah said the change comes after months of testing their proposition, listening to the women they work with and wider research with investors, banks and partners.

“We've developed deep insight on the needs of our customers and it's their stories and experiences which have led us to believe it is time for a change – ‘we are radikl’ reflects that need for change.

“Over 60% of women cite confidence as their biggest challenge when setting up and building their businesses and we know that confidence impacts self-belief, behaviours and actions. We wanted to design a proposition that recognises this - and uniquely offers a solution that is flexible, accessible and impactful”.

The service offered by ‘we are radikl’ is evolving to become more flexible for users with bite sized, bespoke e-learning courses provided on a dedicated eLearning platform.

The active online community will also have access to an hour-long weekly business Q&A, monthly expert webinars and hot seat opportunities, allowing members to share their knowledge, experience and insights to help fuel their businesses.

Claire said: “The core values of our business have always been radical know-how, kindness, connection and inspiration and these still form the backbone of what we offer.

“Our aim is to design products and services that really fulfil the needs of women and we want our voices to be heard so we can change the current way of doing things.

“We are currently developing some exciting partnerships which will help us take the business to the next level and really support the women are working with.”

To find out more about ‘we are radikl’ and how you can join their ever-growing community of female founders, visit www.weareradikl.co.uk

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