Nottingham start-up business tackling city's congestion

Nottingham start-up business tackling city's congestion

Nottingham’s ongoing commuter misery could be a thing of the past with the latest innovation from WAU Motors.

The Beeston based start-up, founded in 2017 by Linas Pozerskis, Crystal Drury, and Tony Pun, has been hard at work developing the ideal bike of the future.

Based on a firm belief that there is a more exciting way for commuters to move through cities while avoiding traffic, WAU has developed its flagship Model X ebike as the perfect solution to the growing congestion issue.

The bike, which is assisted by an electronic motor, can accelerate to speeds of over 15+ miles per hour and has a range of up to 220+ miles on a single supercharge.

Commenting on the journey they have been on to launch the flagship bike, CEO Linas Pozerskis said:

“Launching the new Model X to the public has taken some significant sacrifices from all of the founders. Each of us has regularly worked 100-hour weeks and couch-surfed to put every penny into the project, and we are very proud of the result.

“Our team is ecstatic to show how the Model X provides a solution to the developing urban mobility problem. This fifth iteration of our ebike is the result of years of real-world user testing here in Nottingham and similar cities across the UK.

“All of the years put into perfecting the bike paid off. At the end of last year, we achieved funding from a range of UK based investors, which has enabled us to make our vision a reality.”

On the significance of basing themselves in Nottingham, he continued:

“We couldn’t have developed this product to such a high level of finish anywhere else. Nottingham has proven to be a great place to do business. We have been able to learn from real user’s needs and reverse engineer the ideal solution by working together with city residents.

“In our first 40-days of trading, we sold over £320,000 worth of WAU bikes from our Midlands based distribution centre, which enables us to guarantee delivery to customers within 72-hours.”

As well as taking the hard work out of peddling to the office, the ebike comes packed with features that would rival a modern motor. Each Model X includes integrated front and rear lights, full GPS tracking, alarm, keys, a smartphone charger, and anti-puncture tyres.

The WAU Model X is available directly via the brand’s website and the government’s Cycle To Work Scheme, with pricing starting from £1,897.00.

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