Nottingham Care at Home Franchise Launches ‘Care Manager Franchisee’ Recruitment Drive

Nottingham Care at Home Franchise Launches ‘Care Manager Franchisee’ Recruitment Drive

PerCurra, the national home care franchise headquartered in Nottingham, has launched a franchisee recruitment drive and is looking for experienced and ambitious care managers interested in ‘taking the leap’ to start running their own business.

Based on her experience as a health care professional, Gill Heppell, Managing Director of PerCurra, knows that the expertise of care managers means that they are well suited to running their own home care business, and is  actively looking to recruit these care professionals as PerCurra franchisees.

Gill comments:

“Care managers know the requirements of working in our sector and the level of professionalism, compassion, knowledge and reliability that goes into delivering quality care. These are  the foundations of a successful ‘care at home’  business. We are therefore looking to speak to those with industry experience who may want to start up on their own whilst having the security of being part of a brand with a proven track record in both franchising and care.”

To support care managers with their career change, PerCurra has created a bespoke ‘Care Manager Franchisee Offer.’ This provides different payment terms than the company’s normal franchisee offer and takes into consideration the fact that many care managers might not have had the opportunity to save up the cash reserves required prior to starting out on their own. In addition, PerCurra wants care manager franchisees to focus on their strengths in delivering high standards of care, and not be put off by any inexperience in the financial aspects of the business. The comprehensive guidance by PerCurra will provide all the necessary financial and business management needs of new franchisees.

It is hoped that the offer will encourage more people with healthcare experience into franchising and to help meet the demand PerCurra currently has for its services.

Gill Heppell adds:

“As we are looking for care managers who are currently in employment,  we know it is unlikely that they will have had the opportunity to save up a lump sum of money to start their own business. We are therefore structuring the payment terms so that franchisees are able to start out on their own, focusing on delivering quality care and excellent service to their clients and growing their business prior to making payments.”

“Care managers we have spoken with are not concerned about their ability to run the business but are hesitant when it comes to marketing and sales. This is where owning a franchise can be ideal as it provides the benefit of being part of a brand that has a proven track record. In the UK, there has been a huge growth in the demand for at home care services. This strong demand, coupled with the extensive support we provide for our new franchisees in helping them to secure clients and establish a reliable, profitable franchise based on our proven system, is something which will be appealing to care managers.”

PerCurra’s start-up costs and overheads are small when compared to starting a business from scratch. Given the extensive IT system available, setting up a PerCurra franchise does not even require an office and is something a franchisee could do from home. Becoming a PerCurra franchisee also provides the opportunity for flexible working which is great for those at all stages of their career.

PerCurra is currently recruiting across the UK for franchisees who want to benefit from the company’s experience in building a successful business. The offer for franchisees includes a six-month tailored training programme and extensive support systems which IT infrastructure, marketing, staff recruitment and client acquisition, as well as business development support to help its franchisees create thriving businesses delivering an excellent range of home care services.  

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