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New active-wear brand hits the market

New active-wear brand hits the market

An exciting new clothing range aimed at daredevil thrill-seekers has been launched by a Midlands-based start-up business.

With adventure and innovation at its core, new brand Adrenaline targets those who love extreme sports and pushing themselves to their physical limits and beyond.

The UK has seen a surge in self-confessed ‘adrenaline junkies’ looking for that extra buzz from action sports and hobbies such as base jumping, urban climbing, mixed martial arts, free running, boxing, freestyle MX and racing motorbikes, to name just a few.

“We wanted to create a brand which reflected the adventurous spirit of those who enjoy extreme sports and felt there was nothing like it in the current marketplace,” said the brand’s spokesperson.

“It’s not just about going to the gym for a workout. The thrill you get from pushing your body – and mind – to the limit is second to none.”

The clothing, described as ‘high quality and stylish’ taps into the free-spirited attitude that can characterise the lifestyles of extreme sports addicts.


The brand is using up-and-coming talent from a variety of backgrounds who are all making their way in an adrenaline-fuelled world.

The debut collection, called Rush, features T-shirts, hoodies, joggers, leggings, sports bras and vests in a range of different colours.

The pieces, described as ‘athleisure’, are made from premium materials including 100% breathable cotton, with a focus on functionality and style. Key items feature a ‘cool dry technology’ for added comfort and performance.

Each collection will be released range by range, with the next one, called ‘Junkie’, taking inspiration from street and urban fashion with slogans.

Future plans include an innovative ‘Energy Return Technology’ collection, featuring an infrared yarn in the fabric which its creators say can aid performance and help with recovery.

“Everyone experiences adrenaline rushes in a different way - taking risks and experiencing thrills is something that is unique to the individual,” explained the spokesperson.

“We want to reach out to the kind of people who love extreme sports. It’s a section of the population which was previously on the fringes but is now growing rapidly.

“We see it as a kind of movement, like a ‘tribe’ of adrenaline junkies who are obsessed with this kind of lifestyle – and one which we believe our brand is a perfect match for. We have been working incredibly hard to get this just right.”

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