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Mental resilience and thought leadership

Mental resilience and thought leadership

In this episode, we talk to one of the region’s leading personal growth experts about the tricks and tools you can use to build mental resilience and reach your full potential.  "People look to management for clear leadership. This Podcast will help you deal with what's happening, what's going to happen, and make better decisions."


John Dabrowski, founder, JD Mindcoach

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Mental focus is one of the biggest components of peak performance but conditioning yourself to think in a positive way and not let obstacles and challenges blow you off course is something that many people struggle with.

John Dabrowski should know, he learned this the hard way. Written off at his chosen sport in school, through hard work, determination and focus, John persisted with his goals to realise his dream of representing England at basketball in the Commonwealth Games.

After his sporting success, he took that same approach to mental conditioning into his business career, where he worked for several top advertising agencies over two decades, honing his sales and marketing techniques.

His experiences have put him in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges. His mix of vast experience allied with an accomplished ability to make personal growth simple, has led to him becoming one of the UK’s foremost personal development coaches, helping businesspeople to overcome their mental barriers to reach their full potential.

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, he talks about his journey, his sporting triumphs and the work he does helping others to become the best version of themselves.

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