AMDH Services Ltd set for Christian Resources Exhibition

East-Midlands based IT consultancy AMDH Services has announced its presence at the Christian Resources Exhibition, in March.

Founded in 1985, the exhibition has grown to be the largest of its kind in Europe and attracts businesses in a wide variety of niches, where owners hold stalls and speak directly to thousands of church leaders and members in one place.

Originally held in one place, once a year, the exhibition is now held in a variety of cities including Manchester, Belfast, Exeter, Birmingham, Glasgow and Stoneleigh.

In a bid to target a market head on and discuss individual issues and solutions with those who work within a church setting, AMDH will help attendees to see where they can benefit from cloud-based technology.

Andrew Horler, the firm's founder and managing director, believes that a lot of non-profit organisations aren’t aware that they are entitled to heavy discounts from providers such as Microsoft, and he would like to filter this information to them directly.

He said: “I don’t think there is a specific organisation that targets the Christian market, and in turn, people are losing out on important technology that they could implement and use, at a discounted price.

“Many providers offer big discounts to non-profit organisations and the organisations themselves just don’t know about it, because nobody is telling them. Organisations are using social media in an adhoc manner and need planned strategy.

"Integrating the use of new wave cloud services as well as social media can maximise its benefit and encourage more effective community engagement, which is great for those who can’t physically get to church.”

In a sign of the times, many churches have tapped into social media and are now using it as a platform to reach their communities directly.

This is something that can be built upon and grown in order to really maximise this form of communication, which is particularly powerful when it comes to speaking to those who may not be able to physically get to church.

Andrew added: “It is amazing how many churches and other non-profit organisations have realised the true potential of social media, but not looked beyond this to cloud services in any way. I believe the opportunity for this type of organisation to benefit from technology advances is something that can only get bigger.

“I want to speak to people and show them just how they can use these platforms to make a difference, speak to their local community and most importantly, reach those more vulnerable members of society who can’t necessarily play a physical part in the church or organisation.”

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