Experts Warn “Lock Big Brother Out” - As Nottinghamshire Home Owners Spend More on Home CCTV

Safety-conscious Notts homeowners are forking out more money than ever before on CCTV systems INSIDE their homes - but according to a local security expert, there is a better way to stay safe. 

Chase Dobbie, founder of East Midlands based security firm, Donington CCTV has seen a huge uptake in clients looking for systems INSIDE their homes and is urging them to think again. 

The CCTV boss believes that an integrated combination of external CCTV and internal alarms is a much better bet than blanket CCTV for maximising security in the home - plus it is less of an invasion of privacy 

Mr Dobbie said:

“Full inside-outside CCTV systems might be gaining in popularity but if you want to bolster your security without intruding on your own space, they’re really not the way to go. After all, who wants to be filmed all day every day?

“The internal alarm systems we use don’t record you going about your business in the privacy of your own home. Instead, they employ discreet cameras in key positions, which are only triggered when someone is there who shouldn’t be.

“Whether that trigger comes from your external CCTV or your internal PIR sensors, it will then transmit regular freeze-frame footage to your mobile device so you can stay fully on top of the situation.”  

Donington CCTV only supplies and fits Hikvision Pyronix alarm systems. As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of domestic security systems, the Sheffield-based company’s integrated devices can be fully tailored to the size, shape and layout of your house. 

Designed with what’s known as ‘Double Redundancy’, they also have their own power back-up and built-in WiFi, so they are never forced to rely on your mains electricity or your Broadband router. 

This means they can’t be disabled by intruders and, while the WiFi fee adds £65 per year to the purchase price, the peace of mind that brings has seen a significant increase in uptake at Donington CCTV.  

Mr Dobbie said:

“You could of course go for 24-hour surveillance inside and out, but if you want intelligent full-house security without the sense of intrusion, an integrated system like this is the perfect real-world solution.

“Around a quarter of our customers now go for one of our integrated Pyronix inside-outside systems – and as people become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of 24-hour surveillance, I have no doubt that proportion will continue to increase.” 

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