Cash Protection Agency Director Celebrates 20 years in the business

Cash Protection Agency Ltd Director, Denise Parkinson, is celebrating two decades since joining business in 1999.

Established in 1993 in Leicester, Cash Protection Agency (CPA), work with clients throughout the UK offering a tried and tested commercial debt recovery service which has over the years recouped millions of unpaid invoices, helping many businesses to recover money which otherwise would have been lost. Throughout her career with CPA, Denise has frequently been praised for her ability to immerse herself in every role, which saw her rise through the ranks from her initial position of Debt Collector, to Office Manager to her current status of Director of the business.

Reflecting on her first role with CPA, Denise commented:

“This role was very different to what I expected (having applied for a different role!). Of course, it is very pressured, but also can be incredibly rewarding. There are businesses out there who are relying on you to get their money back otherwise it can affect them and their employees greatly. We always aim to do our very best and not let them down.”

We pride ourselves on building good relationships with our clients in order to get to know their business. It can become very personal to case managers having built up these good client relationships. The debts they are chasing become almost as if they were their own and that is where the persistence comes in; we will not give up unless there is something that prevents collection for such as bankruptcy which unfortunately is out of our control.”

Although Denise’s story is one of success - which brilliantly confirms hard work and perseverance really does pay off - there are still challenges. Denise states:

“Debt recovery is a challenge every day, however I think the biggest challenge is bringing in new business; there are some Debt Recovery companies out there who tarnish the reputation of Debt Collectors, which can make it very difficult to build up trust with new clients. Alongside this, people have a very negative perception of debt collectors. We do not knock on doors being a menace, we offer a diplomatic approach to debt recovery to try to resolve any disputes that may have arisen.”

Denise has seen a lot of interesting things throughout her career at CPA, advising that the strangest thing they have ever had to recover for is a client that sold Stem Cell Storage which is obviously quite a delicate area for recovery so it had to be dealt with in an incredibly sensitive.

Looking back over the last 20 years with CPA, Denise reflects:

“I feel very proud, as well as it being a testimony to the business. When I first started working here, I never dreamed I’d one day be the Director. I am a true believer in finding a job you love and immersing yourself in it.”

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