Ventola Projects Ltd shine a light on the Qatari Royal Palace

Leicester-based lighting specialists Ventola Projects have just completed yet another high-profile project in the United Arab Emirates – at the Sheikh Abdullah Palace in Doha, no less!

Business in the UAE has been booming for Mick Ventola and his team since they supplied and installed lighting to the Royal Palace of Sheikh Al Thani back in 2016. Their reputation for using the very best products and providing an excellent, efficient service has continued to grow and this latest royal commission proves that they are trusted and respected at the very highest level.

Secured via Ventola’s Egyptian distributor, this latest project brief was to provide an all-in-one lighting effect within the palace’s stunning leisure facility, using white lighting, UV and colour change to create just the right mood and atmosphere.

Mick and his experienced team chose to use the VAvR Lighting System, along with LED48RG-UV-W fixtures and CS16 LED spotlights – a combination which provided just the right effect to complement the luxurious surroundings, whilst adding a touch of fun and excitement.

And it wasn’t just the choice of products which Ventola Projects got right. The entire installation was completed in a deadline-busting 10 days! Efficiency really was the buzzword as the project was not only speedy, it also utilised the latest eco-friendly technology to keep energy usage to a minimum. Even on an on-going basis, the system installed will be around 60% cheaper to operate than conventional lighting, requires no mains power and has minimal maintenance associated with its upkeep. Who knew that this level of luxury could come with all these extra environmental and financial savings!

Founder and Managing Director, Mick Ventola, who is quite rightly very proud of the work he and his team produced, has said:

“This really was an amazing project. The lighting showcased to its very best and the venue illustrated just how great these products are for applications like this. “

He also added:

“There’s always a bit of nervousness when you are working for the Qatari Royal Family on something quite so prestigious but to be honest the whole job went so smoothly, with no challenges, which is a credit to the team. The client was very impressed. We’ve got another Palace to supply later this year, each of these projects are great opportunities to showcase the work of UK companies overseas, especially in high-profile private locations such as this.”

We’ll no doubt be hearing more stories of Ventola’s continued success in the Middle East and elsewhere in the coming months – by Royal Appointment perhaps?

To find out more on Ventola Projects, you can visit their website at

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