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Workplace Diversity Solutions enters partnership with Peninsula

Award-winning East Midlands diversity and inclusion consultancy Workplace Diversity Solutions has established a new partnership with Peninsula, the UK’s market leader in employment law and health & safety support.

Workplace Diversity Solutions has created a series of elearning courses that cover the key aspects of diversity and inclusion training.

Using their subject matter expertise, they are able to offer online training in courses such as mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion and disability awareness. Clients including Eurostar International, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks and Manchester Airport Group have worked with the Leicestershire based company.

Richard Shakespeare, Managing Director of Workplace Diversity Solutions said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Peninsula in order to make our eLearning widely available. Creating a culture of inclusion where employees feel valued, respected and are able to reach their full potential is crucial as we enter a new decade.

“Given the natural synergy between our businesses and with Peninsula being a market leader in terms of Employment Law and Health and Safety Support we are pleased to be announcing this partnership and believe it will add value to many clients.”

The Good Work Plan, which comes into force in April, is the biggest update in employment law for over 20 years.

The UK Government commissioned the independent Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices to examine the UK Labour Market and the protection of workers rights and look at how businesses can react to the changing working environment.

The Taylor Review is the first of its kind internationally. It has made 53 recommendations for change and the Government has decided to implement most of them.

One of these changes means that all current contracts on employment will become unlawful.

Mandie Wilkinson, Business Consultant at Peninsula, said: “Peninsula is delighted to be forming this partnership with Workplace Diversity Solutions and working with clients to ensure they have access to subject matter experts in the diversity and inclusion field. We are very impressed with the range of courses available via the eLearning and know that they will be highly beneficial to clients.

"At Peninsula, we see that many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to deal with the burden of managing employment law and health & safety. The provision of contracts of employment and terms & conditions is still something that clients are failing to issue or keep updated, which is potentially leaving them exposed to litigation, especially when legislation is constantly changing, often without notice." 

Both Workplace Diversity Solutions and Peninsula understand the challenges that businesses face when trying to keep up-to-date with issues around HR and employment law. To help businesses get it right, Mandie has kindly agreed to provide a free comprehensive critique of your employment law and health & safety documentation, policies and procedures.

This will not only ensure that your documentation is optimised for your business specifically but will also ensure that it is fully compliant with the current law and “The Good Work Plan” which comes into force in April 2020.

To book your free review, please contact Mandie on 07811 526429 or email

You can also access a free demonstration of the diversity and inclusion elearning by visiting the Workplace Diversity Solutions website or emailing

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