Common myths about disability

There are many common myths and misconceptions surrounding the subject of disability. Here, award-winning consultant Richard Shakespeare, of Workplace Diversity Solutions, explores and explodes them.

Myth one – employing a person with a disability is complicated and expensive

This just simply isn’t true.

In fact, employing someone with a disability need not be expensive or complicated.

You may be able to gain support from Access to Work funding from the Government.

There is no set amount for an Access to Work grant, how much you can apply for will depend on your circumstances. You can use Access to Work grants to provide some of the following:

  • Disability awareness training for your colleagues
  • Communicator at a job interview
  • Special equipment

Myth two – if children see someone with a disability, they should not ask about it

Children are naturally curious and want to learn about new things.

We live in a very diverse society with lots of different cultures, beliefs and abilities.

Most people with a disability will not mind answering the questions raised by a child and it will enhance the level of understanding the child has.

Myth three – people with a disability need constant help and support

Individuals with a disability can drive, live independently, work, run businesses and live a normal life like everyone else.

If a person with a disability requires support, they will often ask, if necessary.

It is estimated that the United Kingdom has in excess of 100,000 entrepreneurs with a disability currently working in the economy.

Myth four – people with a disability do not have any qualifications

Many people with a disability hold formal qualifications such as A-Levels or degree level qualifications.

Professor Stephen Hawking has a first-class honours degree in Natural Sciences.

Journalist Gary Donoghue has a degree in Philosophy and Modern Languages. Gary is a regular face on BBC News and has been a successful journalist for over 20 years.

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