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How to make your business stand out in the media

How to make your business stand out in the media

How do you make your business stand out in the media? And what are media outlets looking for in terms of a story?

In this episode, one of the region’s leading PR & communications experts shares his top tips for getting noticed by the press.

Jon Smart, PR & Communications Consultant, JSS Media

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Businesses have used press and PR for many years to promote their activities products and services.

In fact, some organisations are so successful at generating positive media coverage that they are conspicuous by their absence when they don’t feature in the latest headlines.

And even when they are the subject of a negative press story, they seem to be able to come pout of it smelling of roses.

So, as a small business, how can you generate the same buzz as the big boys?

And if you’ve got a great story to tell, how can you make sure it is heard?

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, we talk to PR & communications expert Jon Smart about how to make your business stand out in the press.

In a 20-year career as a business journalist, magazine editor and PR professional, Jon has sat on both sides of the fence and has helped hundreds of businesses and organisations to get their voice heard.

He shares his insider tips on creating the perfect media storm and gives some practical PR advice that businesses can put into practice straight away to start making headlines and getting in the news.

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