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Navigating the legal minefield

Navigating the legal minefield

As a small business, have you got the right contracts and terms and conditions in place to protect your organisation? And when it comes to resolving disputes, do you have the right ‘go-to’ person to call for advice? We talk to a leading dispute resolution solicitor about the importance of having access to good legal advice for small businesses.

Victoria Noble-Bowers, Senior Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Fishers Solicitors

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Business disputes can end up costing your organisation time, money and a lot of hassle to sort out.

If not handled correctly, they have the potential to harm your reputation and your commercial interests.

As a small business owner, navigating the legal minefield can be challenging, which is why you’ll need dedicated, professional support in your corner.

In a small business, it’s vital to ensure that your customers know clearly what they are purchasing and what your terms of business are, especially if you operate online.

Your terms and conditions set out the rights and obligations that both parties need to be aware of when they enter into a contract.

Getting this right can be a nightmare. So can the process of going into negotiation, mediation or even legal action when it comes to resolving a dispute.

So, what steps can businesses take to protect themselves should the worst happen?

In this episode of the Love Business Podcast, we talk to Victoria Noble-Bowers, senior dispute resolution solicitor at Fishers Solicitors, about the various aspects of contract law.

Victoria’s specialisms include commercial dispute resolution matters including breach of contract, partnership disputes and shareholder/director disputes.

talks about the impact that litigation can have on clients and the need for small business owners to be able to carry on running their lives and their businesses while a dispute is getting resolved.

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