Nottingham home improvement company launches new green initiative

Nottingham home improvement company launches new green initiative

As part of a new drive to operate more sustainably, Beeston-based home improvement business, KLG Rutland, has launched a new environmentally friendly scheme that aims to make operations greener.

The main objectives of the sustainability drive are to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and use of non-renewable energy sources whilst increasing the amount it recycles.

KLG Rutland has further enhanced its green credentials by installing a huge new solar power system on the roof of its Beeston factory and showroom, an investment that has cost tens of thousands of pounds.

The large 29.96kW solar power system consists of 107 photovoltaic (PV) polycrystalline panels and will produce 24,717 kWh of electricity each year for the building. 

The new solar panels will contribute over 85% of the company’s annual electricity consumption. With the PV panels in place, the firm plans to reduce its annual carbon dioxide emission by 13,100kg. 

Commenting on the new addition to the building, Terry Hill, managing director at KLG Rutland said:

“Utilising solar to help pay toward our manufacturing and showroom costs just seemed like the right way to go. The cost of solar used to be prohibitive but thanks to changes in technology over the last 10 years the prices have come down – the payback period is now a lot quicker.

“Coupled with our other recycling initiatives, the new solar power system will help us to reduce our carbon footprint in the long term. KLG Rutland has always been run as an ethical business and this installation furthers our efforts to operate as sustainably as possible.

“At KLG Rutland, we produce as many sustainable goods as we can. Our uPVC window frames, for example, are totally lead-free and 100% recyclable. We also make sure that we only install windows and doors that conform to the highest possible energy window standards in the UK, featuring energy-efficient double or triple glazing.”

The green initiative has been welcomed by staff, with the company already recycling 90% of its manufacturing waste and over 70% of its office and construction waste. 

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